New! Personalized Chore Charts

July 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

Introducing the newest product to the shop - Personalized Chore Charts! We have been using our new chart in our home for a few weeks and it has been a great help. My daughter loves crossing off her boxes and working toward her reward each week. The chart is easy to write-on and can be wiped-off each week. The dry erase marker that is included is easy for little hands to use. You'll have two options for hanging them - magnetic strips or velcro strips. We use the magnetic strips to hang the board on our fridge. I have kept the chores fairly simple for our four year old for now. What are some of your favorite chores to have your little one do around the house? I'd love to hear some ideas!
New Personalized Chore Charts for Kids New Personalized Chore Charts for Kids

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