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Several months ago we started to have more frequent tantrums and issues with not being nice to our friends at school. In effort to gain control of the situation, I went in search of ideas to help teach good behavior to our always moving, very active, strong willed three year old. Like most young children, our little one loves stickers. We have books and books of stickers. Most days we all end up with a sticker on our hand or shirts. And like most children they all love rewards. Julianne always looked forward to Thursdays at school when she knew that she would be getting a treat out of the treasure chest if she had been good that week. So I decided to put together our own behavior reward chart to use at home!

Free Printable Behavior Reward Chart | Tickled Peach Studio

Our chart has six rows with six boxes to fill with reward stickers. It might have been to much for our first go around, but I made some easy attainable tasks for her. We decided to start with cleaning up toys, taking a nap, sharing with others, not hurting our friends, listening to Mommy and Daddy, and having a good bedtime. I recommend starting slow with easy tasks so your child can get used to the reason for the chart. Our first chart included some lovely hand drawn stick figure drawings to help her remember what they were. We found some super cute paw print stickers at The School Box to fill our boxes with.

Here are some helpful tips for behavior reward charts: - The purpose of the behavior reward chart is to help you child learn good behavior on their own. Do not try to set them up to earn a sticker. For example. don't say to them "If you clean up your toys you will earn a sticker". You want your child to be excited about getting a sticker all on their own. - If they do a task while away from home, congratulate them on the spot for earning a sticker and then give them a sticker when you get home. I had trouble remembering to do this, but if you tell your child they earned a sticker they will most likely remind you when you get home. - Never take away stickers! On several occasions a sticker was earned for doing a task and then two seconds later the misbehavior starts. Ah, life with a child is always a roller coaster ride!

Now for the fun part - rewards! I rewarded her with a small treat from a treasure box for each row completed. I filled a box with things from the dollar store and the Target dollar bins. I did not put candy in our treasure chest, because if she filled a row right before bedtime I didn't want her picking out a lollipop! Once all the rows were filled in she earned her big reward goal! She picked her big reward goal out before starting the chart so it is something she is excited about.

We love our charts so much that I am so happy to share these with you! You have two options - cats or dogs - to choose from. The free printable files include editable text fields for entering in your child's name, tasks, and big reward goal before printing. Or you can simply print and write everything in. Enjoy!

Free Printable Behavior Reward Chart | Tickled Peach Studio

Click here to download the Cats - Behavior Reward Chart
Click here to download the Dogs - Behavior Reward Chart

Here are some helpful tips for working with the editable text fields: - You will need to have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed for the fields to work. You can go here to get the latest version: - To enter text in to boxes simply click inside any text box with your mouse/cursor. Once the text box has changed color to transparent you can begin typing your text. - To bring up text editing tools hit ctrl+e (or cmd+e if you're on a mac) and you'll be able to change the font, size, color, and alignment of the text. Please note: you will need to use a font that is installed on your computer for any editable text. - To save your edited chart click on File -> Save As. Save the file to a location on your computer.

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September 19, 2014

Hi, Kathy! I found Tickled Peach Studio through Facebook and started following it. Thanks for the inspiring ideas! I really like the reward chart printables, so I’m featuring them on my blog:

Thanks for the freebie, and keep up the awesome work!

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