Tickled Peach Studio Manifesto

April 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

I very rarely share the personal side of me, but I have been inspired to be more real with y'all. Last week I had the pleasure of attending an Authenticate Workshop led by the fantastic Whitney English. To sit in a room full of other creative women entrepreneurs is amazing and energizing! We each had our own unique story and our own unique dreams.

During part of the workshop Whitney encouraged us to write down our manifesto - or things we believed in. This was my favorite exercise of the whole day. I also loved hearing the rest of the group share a little piece of who they really are and what they believed in. I want to share mine with you and encourage you to write down your manifesto some time. I think I might even print this out an frame it for my office!

Tickled Peach Studio Manifesto

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