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February 06, 2013 | 0 Comments

Sometimes even your digital world needs some organizing. When I joined Pinterest I just started pinning away and did not give much thought to how to make sense of it all. I had pins haphazardly thrown in to random boards. I thought it was about time to give my boards a little cleaning up.

5 Tips For Organizing Your Pinterest Boards by Tickled Peach Studio

Organizing your Pinterest boards will take some time, but trust me you will feel so much better! So many of us use Pinterest on a daily (maybe even hourly) basis. Why not keep it clean and efficient? It will give you more time for finding great inspiration! Here are five fairly simple ways to give your Pinterest boards a fresh makeover.

Move pins that are in the wrong board. I'm sure we've all done it without even realizing it. You pin a new recipe you want to try but you forget to change your board selection so it ends up on your fashion board without you realizing it. Go through your boards and clean up those pins that ended up on a wrong board.

Delete multiple pins. You must really like something if you pin it twice!

Get rid of boards you no longer need. Think of it like getting rid of that outfit that you haven't worn in a year. Sure you might use it one day, but you probably won't.

Rename your boards. This was key for me when organizing my Pinterest boards. I wanted a system that was easier for me to use and to find where I should pin something. All you need to do is fine a system that works for you. Some find alphabetizing their boards helps them find the board they are looking for when they pin.

Change your board cover photos. This is so easy and quick to do. I like to do it every once in a while to give my Pinterest account a nice fresh look.

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