As a young girl I can remember the feeling of opening that fresh box of crayons and creating a piece of artwork from scratch. I remember falling in love with a fresh, clean spiral notebook for the first day of school. I remember the thrill of making lists to keep me organized. I remember all these things because I still do them to this day! They are who I am at my core – creative, organized, and simplistic.

I currently live in the sweet peach state of Georgia where sitting on the front porch and having a glass of sweet tea is as simple as it gets. When I am not designing I can be found playing and laughing with my daughter, Julianne Rose.

I believe in simplicity and savoring those rare quiet moments. I love a good book and laughing with my girlfriends. I enjoy finding that awesome new recipe to feed my family. I love finding a new sweet to bake and share with friends. I get excited when my closet is all neat and organized. I believe that all moments in life should be celebrated and shared.  But above all else I value my family the most.

We all lead such busy lives that we rarely take the time to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. Like sending that simple thank you note to tell someone you are thinking about them. We spend so much of our time doing the things we need to do that we often forget about the things we want to do. My hope is that one day we all find ways to help simplify our lives and focus on what really matters to you.

My goal for Tickled Peach Studio is to help you celebrate your moments, simplify your home, and live your life to the fullest every day.


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